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1. Diit Ni Tek
2. Leaders FT Kang JJ
3. Back up my love
4. Nhok Cie Ngar
5. Kim
6. Weekend Ft CHUDI
7. Ci Kekda Rath

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About Album

Senior Muoch is at it again, with the best hits yet.

Whether you are in a party, in love, at a cross roads, or a change in your life senior muoch’s latest album DITNI TEK is right for you. go back to the fields of love Africa, South Sudan the land of the tall where music grows.

Artist: Senior Muoch
Labels: EGM Productions, Konekeeel Records
Release Date: 6-4-2018
Genres: Bongo, Bul
People: Senior Muoch, Kang JJ,

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